Sunday, December 26, 2010

My before and after pics....

It's been 6 mo. since my last update on this page, but 8 mo. since I started back on low carb. First of all it was to lose weight and then to keep my blood sugar under control (also taking medication, but not insulin, thank goodness). As of today (12/20/10) I've lost 57 lbs. It wasn't from my diet alone, I started walking and walked every day for 8 mo. I started out only walking 10-15 min. but then increased to 30 min. and then to an hour (not every day, but maybe 2 times a week).
The diabetes diagnosis scared me and I knew I had to take this seriously and now I've done it. A couple of things made it easier for me: posting my intentions of walking on Facebook really helped motivate me and because I don't have to count calories on Atkins, it made it easy for me.

If I get enough interest from all of you, I will go into more detail, but there are many good links to low carb sites for you to check out. On the page linked above is a collage of my progress. I just noticed that I didn't add the months for some of the pictures, but the last one there was taken in October. I've lost even more since then, of course.  Once I decided to make my health more important than a piece of pie or just food in general, it gave me a freedom I hadn't experienced since I quit smoking almost 6 yrs. ago! It's a fabulous feeling!

I'm posting this from my son's house in Texas so don't have access to all the pictures on my computer until I get home in a few days. Then I will show you more. :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How NOT to gain weight over the holidays!

In this month's issue of the Minnie Pauz Newsletter, I provided a few tips for how not to gain weight over the next couple of months. Here's a repeat of the newsletter plus some additional chit chat about it. I hope to hear from many of you about how YOU deal with this too.

With Thanksgiving (in the US) coming up this month, I thought I'd let you in on how I plan to prepare for the day without blowing all the hard work I've done in the past 7 months to lose 50 lbs.

First of all...for those of you who have just started noticing the perimenopause symptoms hitting you, please start NOW to manage your weight and exercise! If you don't change it now, you will be very unhappy with it in a year or two and it's SO much harder to do something about it!

Tip #1....get the right attitude. Instead of thinking of dieting or sacrificing, start thinking in terms of feeling healthy and happy...because that will be what you become once you have decided that this is what you want. It's really your choice. Simple as that. 

Actually think of the benefits of NOT eating everything that is available to you and really, is eating a donut going to make you happy AFTER the holidays or just for the few moments while you're eating it? I think we all know the answer to that. How long does it take to start feeling guilty about what you just ate--for me it's always as soon as I swallow the last bite! And see if this hits home...when I'm really honest with myself I always say, "it wasn't really that good".

Do you have some tips for how to change your attitude? Please share what works for you or ask questions if you need help in doing this!

Tip #2....Make some small changes in your habits starting today. Don't wait until the day before to decide you're going to control won't happen. Do something simple like eating more salads or go for a walk right after a meal. Any kind of change will help kickstart your brain into thinking "I'm in healthy mode" and "I can do this"!

The best trick I did for myself was to change my routine starting with getting dressed as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning! Instead of fixing my coffee and checking my email first (in my nightgown), I got fully dressed including socks and walking shoes IN THE BEDROOM. Then I went to fix my coffee and check my email, but as soon as I saw the sun coming up that was my trigger to grab my phone and camera and walk out the door for my walk!

What would work for you to shake you out of your current routine? I know you don't all work at home so would it be better to set a time after work where you can make changes?

Tip #3....Find foods that you REALLY like that fit within the plan that you choose (ie: nuts, fruits and veggies) and have them available and ready to eat! For me, since I'm on low-carb, I have hard-boiled eggs cooked and peeled so they're ready for salads, deviled eggs or just a quick snack. I keep them in a container of water and they keep for a long time.

Another thing I do is prepare a large bowl of salad "fixin's" so I can quickly have one of my favorite chef salads as an inbetween meal. I keep all the stuff that a salad buffet would have (including bacon bits and chopped eggs) so that I really enjoy that salad instead of having to hunt and search for what I want. I even add roasted sunflower seeds and/or sliced strawberries to my salad to make it seem extra special. 

Tip #4...Make the decision to change BEFORE the Holidays instead of after and you will be amazed at how much easier it will be! Honestly, if you make a plan and commit to taking these small steps, you will find that you feel that you're finally on the right path to a happier, healthier you!! Don't put it off like we've all done for so long...."I'll start after the holidays". How many YEARS  have we said that?

Tip #5...Commit to your friends and family on Facebook or your blog or Twitter. It definitely makes a difference. The daily encouragement and motivation is great, and being accountable is extremely helpful.

Ok, you've got 2½ weeks before Thanksgiving! Ready, Set.....Go!  You can all share some of your ideas how to get through the holidays without suffering the after effects. We have enough trouble with weight gain from menopause without adding to it during the holidays!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Car buyer's remorse!

This is one of the times when I hate being a single woman! The car dealers are like vultures and no matter how much I've studied up on what to ask and look for, I still end up "acting like a woman buying a car", namely, falling in love with how "cute" it is, or how clean it looks or, with my most recent purchase, being tired of looking and talking and dealing and test driving CARS!

My son's car had a total breakdown, he just started a new job so I sold him my "gramma car", as my grandkids call it, a '97 Buick LeSabre. Then, for 4 days I borrowed a neighbor's car to do errands, plus she drove me around to find another used car. The first one I fell in love with (also the first one I drove) was another Buick LeSabre, lol....except it was 5 years newer than my other car. Too close to closing time on a Saturday on a holiday weekend to make a decision, plus it was 25 miles from home and they wouldn't let me take it to have my mechanic look it over. They probably would have had a sale if circumstances had been different.

The second car I drove (and fell in love with) was a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville....loaded! Still within my price range, but my mechanic felt like there were some things that just didn't look right. The main thing, and why I didn't buy that one, was because there was some rust under the hood that had been painted over. I even took it to a body shop to get their opinion and the owner said it would cost about $125 to fix it, but that eventually the rust would eat through the hood. I couldn't see buying a car knowing it has a problem that can't be fixed 100%. That was even more gutwrenching than not getting the 2002 LeSabre.

Third day of looking and I was actually going over to make a deal on the LeSabre, but decided to drive a few more cars so I could say I test drove a variety and didn't make any impetuous decisions. After looking at, driving and falling in love with two basically luxurious cars, why I decided to drive this 2002 Chevy Tracker, I'll never know! And I ended up buying it based on price, gas mileage, 4 wheel drive and ...... it's cute. LOL!

I think I was just tired of looking and depending on my neighbor, but I DO have buyer's remorse because AFTER I got the car, I looked up reviews on Consumer Reports and all the other auto review-type sites and I feel like I made a mistake. It doesn't have a great safety record and they're not even made anymore. 

I figure the best I can do is to pay it off as fast as possible and then start over, but maybe I'll enjoy the 4 wheel drive once the snow starts here in Michigan.  So here's the Tracker (I named her Skippy) and her owner! Aren't we cute? LOL

Friday, September 03, 2010

This post MAY cure what ails you!

When did reports of something that "could" solve your problems or "might" be helpful or "may" cure whatever, become a reason for many of us to hand over our hard earned money to buy products that have a list of side effects and risks a mile long? It just hit me how prevalent it is to put out basically a press release and the media uses this very shallow information as a news story!

What prompted this post today? I watch the "news" about menopause each day so I can share the info with my readers on my website, blog and on Facebook. Today I saw a headline that says, "Soy may ease sleep problems in older women". As I read through the article I kept seeing phrases like "small study", "disappointing results",, read for yourself:

Reuters Health - The estrogen-like compounds found in soy could help postmenopausal women get a better night's sleep, according to a small study.
These compounds, isoflavones, have been tested for a number of menopausal symptoms as well as for treating health problems that become more common after menopause, such as high cholesterol, high blood sugar, and increased body fat. But so far, results have been disappointing.
Insomnia is very common in older women, Dr. Helena Hachul of the Universidade Federal de Sao Paolo and her colleagues write in the journal Menopause. Studies of whether hormone therapy helps with sleep problems have had mixed results, they add.
To investigate whether isoflavones might be beneficial, Hachul and her team randomly assigned 38 postmenopausal women with insomnia to take either 80 milligrams of the isoflavones or a placebo for four months. All of the study participants underwent polysomnography, which involves spending the night in a sleep lab so vital signs, sleep stages, and movements can be monitored; this is considered the gold standard for measuring sleep quality.
In the isoflavone group, average sleep efficiency (meaning the percentage of time that the women spent in bed that they were actually sleeping) went from 78 percent at the beginning of the study to 84 percent at the end; for the placebo group, sleep efficiency increased from 78 percent to 81 percent.
Among women given isoflavones, 90 percent reported "moderate or intense" insomnia at the beginning of the study, while 37 percent did after four months; in the placebo group, the percentages were 95 percent and 63 percent, respectively.
Between one-third and two-thirds of postmenopausal women have insomnia, Hachul and her colleagues note, but the causes underlying those sleep complaints may be varied. During the overnight observations at the beginning of the study, for instance, about a quarter of the women were found to be snorers, several had five or more sleep apnea events per hour, and a few displayed leg movements more than five times per hour.
Without knowing the source of postmenopausal insomnia, the researchers cannot say why soy seemed to alleviate it for many of the women taking the isoflavones.
In addition, because the study is small, the authors caution, it "does not permit the assumption that soy will act with the same efficacy for every woman." Nevertheless, they conclude, given that insomnia troubles so many women during menopause, "phytoestrogen treatment should be considered an option to improve patients' quality of life."
SOURCE: Menopause, published online August 19, 2010.
I realize that soy has been helpful in many areas, but first it was the cure all for hot flashes and now it's being touted for insomnia? Come on....the only thing way to get reliable information is by talking to other women and finding out what worked for them! Even then it doesn't mean it will work for you, but I feel opinions about a product from 4 or 5 women are more reliable than any of the commercials on tv or the press releases that pass for "news"! What do you think? Does this kind of report make you run out and buy anything that says it MAY help?
blished online August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A rustic scene on the trail where I walk....very peaceful!

I've been thinking lately about how we all find peace and quiet in different ways. I love getting up early in the morning because even though I live by myself, the sounds of the rest of the world interfere with my peace and quiet. The sound of traffic as neighbors leave for work or the neighbor who walks his dog very early (and the dog barks at his own shadow, I think!).

I honestly think I've become super-sensitive to noise as I've gotten older, yet sometimes I get wrapped up in my OWN noise and don't even realize it until all of a sudden I feel like screeching for everyone to "SHUT UP"!! Then I look around and see that I'm the only one here and I have the tv too loud, I'm listening to videos online, the clothes drying is buzzing because it's finished, someone is mowing their lawn and there's that damn dog barking again! LOL

So, the walks every morning for the past 5 months have given me a reliable escape! I go early so I get there before the traffic starts (on weekdays) and before the bikers, joggers and other walkers on the weekends. I feel like I own the trail when I'm the first one out there and I like to be the first one to see the wildlife who live in the area, like this doe and her young ones:

This does it for me. It renews my spirit for the day and even if I don't see the deer some days, the anticipation of it or the absolute KNOWING that I'm going to see a beautiful sunrise or an incredible cloud formation.

How do you find your peace and quiet? Are you able to transport yourself to a calm, beautiful place even when you can't actually GO somewhere? Can you get away from everyone else's noise garbage? 

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dee's Morning Walks

This is one of the views I see on my morning walks and yes, it might inspire many of you to get out there and walk every day, but actually it's not the scene that does it for me, it's taking the pictures and sharing them on Facebook that is my motivation!

The past 5 months have been the start of a new phase of my life, still in the MIDDLE of course, but a healthier middle age. I can also report that one of the things that increases as we grow older is our hindsight and I'm determined to convince some of you younger gals to take my advice and don't wait until you're in your 60's to start taking better care of yourselves!! I don't care if you're 40, 50 or SOMETHING TODAY that will be a step towards better health. Let me know if you need some details on what I've done and I'll be happy to tell you! 

It's been quite a journey (that's not over yet) of losing weight, trying to find the right pair of shoes, finding out I have diabetes--another reason I'm encouraging you to do something now, losing more weight, taking pictures of myself to document my weightloss, but still feeling like a fat girl, but now I'm an OLD fat girl! LOL See my previous blog about not being cute anymore. By the way, once I've lost a total of 50 lbs. (13 more to go) I might show before and after pictures! :) No promises though!

Basically, I'm your Fairy of the Future and if you care to listen, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of aging. It's MUCH easier to make a few changes now instead of waiting 5, 10 or 20 years when it will take a lot more effort to get the same result! 

Have you had your own "awakening"? What did it for you?

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll never be "cute" again....

A few weeks ago I got a haircut and asked the stylist to cut it short and make me look "cute". I told her I just didn't want an "old lady" hairstyle and a short, pixie cut used to always make me look cute. Well, she cut it short, but it didn't make me look cute. The truth 62 I think I will give up on looking "cute".

There are plenty of other looks that are more age appropriate, but it's really hard to find one that I like as much as "cute". I guess I could shoot for elegant or classy or sporty ...... hey, how about "hippy"? No, not THAT kind of hippy, I've already got that look! But since I didn't do it in the 60's maybe I can do it now when I'm in MY 60's!

I could wear flowers in my hair and sandals and long skirts (from Coldwater Creek catalog), and maybe a vest with fringe? :) Hmmmm....I don't know if I could pull it off. I've always wanted to dress kind of "artsy", you know? That and "hippy" pretty much seem the same in my head. Either style seems to be good "cover" for my overweightness and that is my goal, even more than looking "cute"!

But here's the main problem (or SET of problems):
#1... I'm too old to look cute. Actually, around 80, a woman becomes "cute" again.
#2... I'm too heavy to look cute...unless you like roly-poly and think that's cute.
#3... I'm too short to wear long skirts with style.
#4... My hair is too short to wear flowers or a ponytail (cute) or a sophistocated do

See, it's just easier to let go of the idea of being cute and just let my "inner old lady" come out and play! I'll keep my hair short because it's SO easy to take care of and I'll wear whatever I can find in my closet that fits (since I've lost 25 lbs and will be losing more), and I'll forego having a "style" for now. But pretty soon I'll have to make a decision, I guess. What about you? Do you have a style? How did it develop? Let's hear it. And while you're at it, what kind of style do you imagine for me?

I was trying to upload a picture of my new "suitable, but not cute haircut", but for some reason Blogger won't let me. :( I'll try later. In the meantime, just know that I'm ok with not being cute, I just need a new look to strive for! I'll just leave you with this thought....if you can't be cute anymore, then be HAPPY!! PS: I got it!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Turn back the middle-age clock!

By Richard Alleyne
The Telegraph
September 22, 2009

Exercising for one hour a day for 12 weeks is enough to turn the clock back
nearly two decades for middle-aged women, scientists have found.

Research shows that over-50s who make regular visits to the gym, go for a
long bike ride or enjoy a swim can regain the fitness they had in their

Tests on older women revealed that 12 weeks of exercise was enough to
produce the rejuvenation.

Two studies by scientists at the University of California found that
postmenopausal women can achieve the same health benefits from regular,
vigorous exercise as younger women².

Professor George Brooks, an exercise physiologist, said: There is some good
news here for older women in the population, in that they respond much like
younger women do to training.

The women in our study had the cardiovascular and metabolic capabilities of
women sixteen years younger.

The results are very encouraging for exercise without weight loss as an
effective means for increasing vigour and controlling risk factors for
chronic diseases in older women.

The findings could explain why some high profile exercise fanatics appear
continue to look so healthy as they get older.

Madonna still works out at 51, television presenter Anne Robinson runs
regularly and does weight training at the age of 64, while Arlene Philips
has become a dance tsar at 66.

Dr Zinta Zarins, who carried out the experiments on women with an average
age of 55, found that the physical and hormonal changes which came with age
did not slow down their capacity to get fit.

She said: There have been very few studies looking at postmenopausal women,
who are different because of decreased oestrogen, decreased lean body mass
and decreased aerobic capacity.

Yet, despite changes in hormones and changes in body composition, they can
make significant changes in their cardiovascular fitness without going on
extreme diets.

Although the tests involved endurance training by cycling on an exercise
bike for an hour, five days a week, the researchers believed ³that even less
strenuous aerobic exercise was likely to produce some benefit².

The findings were published in the journal Metabolism and the Journal of
Applied Physiology.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, 62 years ago today I came into this world with a mission!! 62 years later, I'm still trying to figure out what my mission is!

I thought for awhile that maybe it was my creation of Minnie Pauz and being able to help so many women lighten their journey through you know what...but seriously, was that a mission or just an accident? Afterall, it didn't happen until I was 49, so what was the point of the previous 49 years?

I think of a mission as something you have planned for a long time and then you work towards a goal, knowing what the goal is--and then you accomplish the mission, right? My life hasn't got a lot to do with goals or planning, it's been mostly REACTING to circumstances that for a long time I thought were totally out of my control. That's truly one of the benefits of reaching this age....hindsight! NOW I can see that I was in control the entire time, just making stupid decisions.

So now, today, I'm going to set a new mission for approximately the next 30 years of my life. Considering it's the LAST 1/3 of my life I need to give it some thought and will post it later, but the first part of my mission I started 2 months ago when I started walking every continue getting healthier as I grow older! I finally understand what it means to say "It's never too late to....."

To prove that, I SKIPPED 10 steps this morning on my walk!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's never too late to start walking!

I'm a little late blogging about my walking, but's never to late. :)I've been walking for 35 days now (the last 10 I've been walking 1 mile) and I'm definitely seeing the benefit. My legs are much stronger, my breathing is easier and I've lost 6 lbs. I would have lost more, but thought I could lose without changing my eating....nope, didn't work. I was staying the same, but not losing anything!

In an effort to keep from getting bored (since I don't have anyone to walk with me), I started taking pictures and posting them on Facebook each day. That helped in two ways, it made my walks more interesting and I was excited to show the pictures and get the instant feedback from FB. :) Here's one of my favorites. This was on my 30th day and I put the camera on the sidewalk, set the timer and ran back for the picture. lol It turned out pretty neat! I was sooooo happy to celebrate that accomplishment! (You can see many more if you go to my Facebook page)

Now that I've got this finally on my blog, I will TRY to post every day....well, maybe once a week, to document my progress. In the meantime, here's some info about walking that may be of interest to you! Please post if you have any tips for walking or losing weight. I'm really working on losing belly fat!!! It just appeared during this past year!!

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Walking for 45 minutes a few times a
week may help women in the "battle of the bulge" that often accompanies menopause, and at thesame time improve overall well being, hints new research from Canada.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The truth of marketing HRT....

I believe every woman should read this article and understand that this is STILL affecting our decisions (and I believe many doctors' decisions) about the use of HRT.

"Years ago, I spoke with a retired advertising executive of the Mad Men school, who confided that the key to a good pitch lay in the skillful manipulation of two emotions: fear and desire. Having just co-written a book on the cultural story of menstruation, I know that this has certainly been the case in the way hormone replacement therapy has been sold to women over the decades.

Estrogen was first synthetically isolated in 1929, but it took aggressive and often misleading claims to make HRT standard treatment for middle-aged and older women in America. The book that put Premarin, the pregnant-horse-urine-derived hormone drug, on the map was Feminine Forever, written by gynecologist Dr. Robert A. Wilson in 1966. The battered copy I read recently featured a dewy, 40-ish babe on the cover; and inside, Wilson used a potent mix of both fear and desire, promising women the moon while playing off their insecurities: "Instead of being condemned to witness the death of their own womanhood . . . they will remain fully feminine." "Women... shouldn't have to live as sexual neuters for half their lives. Many physicians simply refuse to recognize menopause for what it is--a serious, painful and often crippling disease."

Monday, March 08, 2010

Since March is my 5 year anniversary of quitting smoking (for 43 years) AND I did it while going through menopause, I feel I'm qualified to give Obama some advice:
1. Stop talking (and thinking) it's so hard to do! Having cancer or emphysema is a LOT harder than just not lighting up that cigarette.
2. Start thinking of yo...urself as a's a whole new world.
3. Being President is no excuse to continue doing something so stupid
4. Stop telling yourself lies such as "you enjoy it", "you need a cig to relax", etc.And finally...
5. Just say "I CAN!"

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Menopause and Sleep! Impossible?

One of the biggest issues we face before, during and after menopause is getting enough SLEEP! There's a different story for every woman and we really don't put enough importance on the effect all those sleepless nights are having on our lives. From peri-menopause to post-menopause, women report the most sleeping problems. Most notably, these are due to hot flashes, mood disorders, insomnia and sleep-disordered breathing. Sleep problems are often accompanied by depression and anxiety. In addition to the common sleep problems that we have throughout menopause, you could also have Sleep Apnea which can have devestating effects on your heart. I created this page to help tie in with the other symptoms.
Let's talk about how much sleep issues affect your daily life. I believe it's something that has been missing in all the talk about getting through menopause.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life after Menopause?

Yes, there IS life after menopause, but I want to make it clear that it never goes back to what it was BEFORE menopause. That's why they call it the change and I think it's time that we get honest with each other, just like we did when talking about the onset of menopause.

I am working on a new section of the Minnie Pauz website that will help those of you who have "passed through" and now have different concerns and issues to discuss (or....laugh about). Yes, Minnie has crossed over to post-menopause. She is now ready to EMBRACE HER INNER OLD LADY!

So watch the door on my front page and soon it will open for those of you who can figure out the magic word! :) Once you're through it, you'll once again find a whole lot of women who are still experiencing some of the same things you are.

For now, here are a couple of things I want to recommend: For those of you having to make decisions about your parents' care.
Fruit Of The Loom Ladies Fit for Me Cotton Stretch Brief Panty OMG are they comfortable!! :)

Totes® Double Zip Boots (little late in the year, but they're great!)

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February means so many different things to different people. For me it's always been the month of love, sweethearts and flowers. But now that I'm older (and single) it's still about hearts and love, but not paper hearts and not puppy love. Rather it's about self-love and taking care of ourselves, particularly our heart health.

Some of you are still quite young to be concerned about a heart attack, but you may have Moms or other family members who could be susceptible to heart problems so you may want to take a look at the links below and be aware of the many different signs that could indicate a heart attack in women.

We have all had to become more educated about health issues and sometimes it's frustrating trying to find answers for ourselves, so it's been a real blessing to have so many women share their experiences. This helps us all feel like we're not alone and not imagining things, which we all feel at one time or another. A recent email I received stated, "I'm afraid to go to a doctor because they make me feel ashamed and stupid." This is completely unacceptable and I hope that all the doctors reading this newsletter will make sure that none of your patients ever have reason to feel like this!

Have you had a heart attack?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Menopause is not a disease....

It's a LIFESTYLE! And I've got the button (or the shirt) that says so! :) I came up with this because so many women have asked me "when is it OVER with?" Well, I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but you'd better get used to being CHANGED because you will be, forever.

Yes, you do get past the hot flashes and the mood swings. At least most women do, but we never go back to the way we were before menopause. Too many things have changed because of the level of estrogen being depleted.

I was watching Oprah the other day when Rosie O'Donnell was the guest and they were saying, "Why hasn't anybody TOLD us about what to expect (with menopause)?" Jeez, site has been online for over 10 years, where have you been?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Canadian writer is sick and tired....

Sick and tired of everyone blaming menopause for everything! I have to admit that seriously, she's right on the money, but from a humorous perspective I kind of enjoy blaming everything on menopause--even though I've been through it for many years!

Here's an excerpt from her article with a link to the entire piece. I hope you'll come back here and discuss it.

Use your brain and stop blaming your hormones
By Naomi Lakritz, Calgary Herald
Thanks, Colleen Walsh. It's not that you've set feminism back at least to pre-Betty Friedan days by partly blaming your air rage incident on menopause. Rather, you've set all women back by making us look like ditzes who are ruled by our hormones rather than by our heads. Walsh is clearly a disciple of the Christiane Northrup Progesterone-Made-Me-Do-It School of Thought, but more on that later.

Walsh, a former Toronto television broadcaster, was convicted of assault this week for an air rage incident on an Air Canada flight last March from London to Toronto, which was diverted to St. John's, N.L., due to a medical emergency on board. The sordid little scenario involved Walsh slapping another passenger, hence the assault conviction, and being found guilty under the Aeronautics Act of not obeying the flight crew's instructions to take her seat. She was ordered to pay $2,460 in fines and to remove nasty comments from her blog that she'd posted about the passenger she slapped.
Walsh blamed her behaviour in part on menopausal exhaustion. She said she took a pill as part of her hormone replacement therapy and was supposed to take another one soon; she'd also drunk two glasses of wine with her on-board meal, had taken a sleeping pill, hadn't slept in 30 hours and was in panic.

I'm sorry, but menopause does not cause women to breach the Aeronautics Act. By the same token, neither does the Aeronautics Act, which is a pretty dry and straightforward law, as statutes go, have an inciting effect on estrogen or progesterone levels.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More sex helps with menopause symptoms?

January 9, 2010

More sex is good for your health, studies have shown.

Now, a soon-to-be-published article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine details the health benefits, CNN reports.

The greatest benefits came from having more intercourse, rather than other types of sexual activity, Scottish researcher Stuart Brody said he found after reviewing decades of research.

Among the health benefits linked to frequent sex: longer life, a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, less risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, pain relief, a slimmer build and fewer symptoms of menopause.

Uhhhhhh.....we need to talk about this. With so many women suffering with lack of sexual desire, how do you come to terms with this issue?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's not always menopause....

There's a lot more going on than just getting a few years older and not having periods once you hit middle age. I decided to include information on heart attacks on my site and the following letter shows how this page is helping.

I just had to write you and tell you how important your website was to me. It probably saved my life. I am 46 yrs old, and felt like the pain that I was feeling in my back was just a pulled muscle or something. It would come and go, and my left arm would also just ache really bad. I figured that I had a pinched nerve also. I had read some other info online, but it didn't talk about the fact that in women, this feeling might come and go. That is exactly why I didn't take it seriously. After I woke up on New Years day, and vomited, I decided I better look into things a little more. I found your website, and read the messages that were written by women who had suffered heart attacks, it was so much like what I was experiencing, so my husband didn't even give me an option. He took me into the ER, and I find out that I had suffered a heart attack. One of my main arteries was 99% blocked, and they put in a stent. I just got home yesterday, and am still feeling weak today. But am certainly on the mend!! Thanks again to you and the wonderful women who shared their stories on your website!! It has made all the difference in the world for me!!

Lorita Haueter
Kennewick Wa

Please visit and share your story. It will help other women.