Monday, October 10, 2011

A Middle-Age Fall

No, not THAT kind of fall....LOL! I've been neglecting my blog sorry!! I was planning on posting every day and I only seem to make it every SEASON! Since my last post was this past Spring, I thought I'd share this lovely FALL day with you and catch you up on a few things!

First of all, I'm still walking! Hard to believe that I've been doing a mile a day (sometimes 2 miles) for 19 months! Many of you know that I was diagnosed with diabetes in March of 2010 and I feel that this unfortunate turn of events has actually helped me to lose weight and keep it off. I think I've posted several "before and after" pics, but here's one that kind of shows the whole year (although it's not the most dramatic one--but it's still painful to show how big I was). I guess that's kind of vain, and if you dig deep enough into my blog and my website you will see the full extent my journey to health. Just know that if you struggle with your weight, I understand and would be happy to help if I can.

So, what's been going on in your life since Spring? Any big news to share? Any monumental decisions or changes made? I've got a big event coming up next only daughter is getting married! I told her fiance that he's made ME a very happy woman! LOL! He's a great guy and, in my opinion, perfect for my daughter! I couldn't be happier! But now I have to find a DRESS!! Thankfully, it will be a smaller size, but it has to have certain features to cover certain flaws like a belly that's not quite flat and batwing arms!

I've been looking around (on the internet, of course) and I really like the dresses by Alex Evenings and especially this one, but the one thing my daughter asked is don't wear a "champagne" colored dress! This one is actually Taupe....wonder if I could get by with this! It IS kind of bland as far as color, but I love the length (it's an afternoon wedding), love the jacket with the 3/4 sleeves...well, to the elbow anyway, and I love the way it's not "clingy" to the body! A really good body shaper would take care of the bulging belly I think! It just looks really comfortable.

I'm going to keep looking and see if I can find something I really like that has a little more color, but so far there's always some element missing. :( 

Have to finish my newsletter today so I'll be signing off for now. I'm going to try (again) to do a daily post from today on. I had an idea (while out walking) about taking you on my walk each day and talking about something that is on my mind that day. Or maybe you have an idea of what you would like to discuss. Let me know!! Here's a picture from yesterday's walk....the Fall colors take my breath away!