Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life after Menopause?

Yes, there IS life after menopause, but I want to make it clear that it never goes back to what it was BEFORE menopause. That's why they call it the change and I think it's time that we get honest with each other, just like we did when talking about the onset of menopause.

I am working on a new section of the Minnie Pauz website that will help those of you who have "passed through" and now have different concerns and issues to discuss (or....laugh about). Yes, Minnie has crossed over to post-menopause. She is now ready to EMBRACE HER INNER OLD LADY!

So watch the door on my front page and soon it will open for those of you who can figure out the magic word! :) Once you're through it, you'll once again find a whole lot of women who are still experiencing some of the same things you are.

For now, here are a couple of things I want to recommend: For those of you having to make decisions about your parents' care.
Fruit Of The Loom Ladies Fit for Me Cotton Stretch Brief Panty OMG are they comfortable!! :)

Totes® Double Zip Boots (little late in the year, but they're great!)

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  1. Great idea for your website! I'll have to check it out. Haven't been there in a long, long time!

    The Stages of Senior Care looks interesting. I moved out to West Texas last August to care for my Mom. It has been a whole new set of challenges for me! Check my site on my personal stories about caring for Mom!