Monday, February 16, 2009

A day in February

I'm still quite sad over the death of one of my neighbors, a 56 yr. old male who died of cancer. I believe it was less than a year since he first found out he had lymphoma to his death on Friday the 13th. He and his wife were such wonderful neighbors. They helped everyone as much as they could and I feel so bad for her. They had no children and were each others' best friend. So sad.

I have to have another "thing" taken off my leg. The first one was a cutaneous horn that had squamous cancer cells in the skin. This is like the beginning of another "horn" but doesn't necessarily have cancer cells. The doc is going to take it out anyway.

On to happier The Bachelor! Tonight's show looks like it's going to be a shocker, especially with what's her name coming back!! I can't believe she has the guts to do that! And I can't believe I'm getting so riled up about it! LOL I guess when you don't have your own drama to live through, you have to find it somewhere. :)

I'm trying to get my thoughts together for putting my business up for sale. Yup, putting Minnie Pauz on the block! I have a lot to learn about selling an online business. Well, part online part of it is me.....I can't sell me! Or can I? My thought is that I might stay on as the creator of MP and do speaking engagements, etc.

So, we'll see where we end up by 2010.