Monday, June 21, 2010

I'll never be "cute" again....

A few weeks ago I got a haircut and asked the stylist to cut it short and make me look "cute". I told her I just didn't want an "old lady" hairstyle and a short, pixie cut used to always make me look cute. Well, she cut it short, but it didn't make me look cute. The truth 62 I think I will give up on looking "cute".

There are plenty of other looks that are more age appropriate, but it's really hard to find one that I like as much as "cute". I guess I could shoot for elegant or classy or sporty ...... hey, how about "hippy"? No, not THAT kind of hippy, I've already got that look! But since I didn't do it in the 60's maybe I can do it now when I'm in MY 60's!

I could wear flowers in my hair and sandals and long skirts (from Coldwater Creek catalog), and maybe a vest with fringe? :) Hmmmm....I don't know if I could pull it off. I've always wanted to dress kind of "artsy", you know? That and "hippy" pretty much seem the same in my head. Either style seems to be good "cover" for my overweightness and that is my goal, even more than looking "cute"!

But here's the main problem (or SET of problems):
#1... I'm too old to look cute. Actually, around 80, a woman becomes "cute" again.
#2... I'm too heavy to look cute...unless you like roly-poly and think that's cute.
#3... I'm too short to wear long skirts with style.
#4... My hair is too short to wear flowers or a ponytail (cute) or a sophistocated do

See, it's just easier to let go of the idea of being cute and just let my "inner old lady" come out and play! I'll keep my hair short because it's SO easy to take care of and I'll wear whatever I can find in my closet that fits (since I've lost 25 lbs and will be losing more), and I'll forego having a "style" for now. But pretty soon I'll have to make a decision, I guess. What about you? Do you have a style? How did it develop? Let's hear it. And while you're at it, what kind of style do you imagine for me?

I was trying to upload a picture of my new "suitable, but not cute haircut", but for some reason Blogger won't let me. :( I'll try later. In the meantime, just know that I'm ok with not being cute, I just need a new look to strive for! I'll just leave you with this thought....if you can't be cute anymore, then be HAPPY!! PS: I got it!