Sunday, December 26, 2010

My before and after pics....

It's been 6 mo. since my last update on this page, but 8 mo. since I started back on low carb. First of all it was to lose weight and then to keep my blood sugar under control (also taking medication, but not insulin, thank goodness). As of today (12/20/10) I've lost 57 lbs. It wasn't from my diet alone, I started walking and walked every day for 8 mo. I started out only walking 10-15 min. but then increased to 30 min. and then to an hour (not every day, but maybe 2 times a week).
The diabetes diagnosis scared me and I knew I had to take this seriously and now I've done it. A couple of things made it easier for me: posting my intentions of walking on Facebook really helped motivate me and because I don't have to count calories on Atkins, it made it easy for me.

If I get enough interest from all of you, I will go into more detail, but there are many good links to low carb sites for you to check out. On the page linked above is a collage of my progress. I just noticed that I didn't add the months for some of the pictures, but the last one there was taken in October. I've lost even more since then, of course.  Once I decided to make my health more important than a piece of pie or just food in general, it gave me a freedom I hadn't experienced since I quit smoking almost 6 yrs. ago! It's a fabulous feeling!

I'm posting this from my son's house in Texas so don't have access to all the pictures on my computer until I get home in a few days. Then I will show you more. :)