Monday, July 12, 2021

What is courage to you?

The title of this post sounds like it might be very deep, doesn't it? Well, it's actually fact, it was born of pretty shallow thoughts.

I decided to publish my newest watercolor paintings and that takes courage! LOL! I've shown a few in a private FB group that has all levels of watercolor artists, and I've shown a few friends, but to me this is the next step. I think I'm only brave here because not many are following my blog. :)

So here goes... on my birthday this past April, my daughter gave me something I had been wanting for a long time...watercolor supplies!

It took me awhile to actually put any paint on paper, but after rearranging my "studio" space (my kitchen table) 

and watching many "beginner" how-to watercolor videos, 

I gave myself permission to play instead of expecting something professional to flow out of my brush! 

I learned to tape my paper down and how to blend the colors and I started getting more brave as I realized it was just paper and I could always start over if I felt I messed up. It was very exciting to feel frustration being replaced by enjoyment! I have a new hobby! :) 

Once I was feeling more confident I started getting ideas of everything I wanted to paint! First of all was a wedding gift for my daughter and her fiance...I knew I wanted to do a sunflower for her and since he is a lineman (electrical), I went looking for ideas for him. It took me 2 months, but I was happy with the results! And they were amazed! :)

 So, today I am feeling brave about showing my work online! I'm working on more paintings that I can't show until they are gifted, but I'm happy to break the ice about being courageous even about small things!

I also want to mention that I'm meeting many women around my age who are doing something for the first time and I want to enCOURAGE them to step out of their comfort zones and be proud of their efforts!