Friday, May 09, 2008

Another holiday.....

I have to repeat over and over "Low expectations = high serenity" "High expectations = low serenity". That way I don't expect my kids to do anything and then I'm happy to get a call on Monday morning with "Happy Mother's Day". Oh hell....I still can't help wishing someone would take me out to dinner or come over and help me with the lawn.

Then there's always the problem of sharing Mother's Day with the kids' step-mother. More than likely my ex will take her and all the kids & grandkids out to dinner. I don't know why he couldn't invite me too. :) His wife and I get along much better than he and I ever did! Here we are at the family (his family) Christmas party:

Anyway, about the low expectations. It's hard to follow my own advice, ya know? My Mother is not talking to me so it was really hard to find just the right card to send her. hehhehe....I found it though!! It has a black&white photo on the front with a woman screaming bloody murder and on the inside it says: "Oh come on, I wasn't THAT bad!" Happy Mother's Day! I literally cracked up in the store. I'm not sure if it will tickle her funny bone or not, but at least I sent her a card. Sent one to my daughter too. And to my daughter-in-law.

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely Mother's Day!