Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Class reunions

I suppose the 10th and even 20th could be fun, but the 40th????? I don't think so! I can barely show my photo to people I've never met before (like in the personals), but I'm REALLY against showing it to people who knew me when I was young, thin and gorgeous! If I had stayed around town and grown older WITH them, it would be different, but it's too much of a shocker to have them see this

after knowing me like this Oh, I know I'm being silly, all of them have aged too, just some better than others. :) A bigger problem is that I had 3 reunions to go to and I didn't make it to any of them! Germany, Colorado and Missouri...I went to high school at all of them. Didn't really keep in touch with anyone though, so it's not like it would be "old home week" for me.

I do envy people who have the memories and have stayed in touch all these years. That's something I've never had because of moving around so much. Then again, there's a LOT of "normal" stuff that I can't claim in my past. I spend most of my time now trying to make new memories and help my kids overcome the bumps and scratches of their childhood---not quite as bad as mine, but still not completely stable. It's amazing how family histories repeat themselves.

I'm trying very hard to live in the present and keep expecting positive things to happen and keep striving for a level of serenity and happiness. I wish the same for you!