Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weather and Menopause in Michigan

Or anywhere else for that matter. It's starting not to be a joke anymore! Here's my yard in May:

And here's the same yard in June:

THEN on the 25th of June:

That's some serious hail! I've got hundreds of dents on my car! (waiting for the insurance adjuster now)
We had about a week of VERY hot temps...I ran my a/c for 4 days straight and today, the last day of June....it's raining and the temperature probably won't hit 70°.

What's that mean to a menopausal woman???? PURE HEAVEN!! I love it!

Oh....by the way, I did get the petunias and a few marigolds for some color!


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    It has been ungodly hot and humid here (Northern Indiana) and AC was running 6 days straight. Today it's cool and cloudy and all of my windows are open for some wonderful fresh air. So far no hot flashes!!! :)

  2. We have basically the same weather so I know you're enjoying this week too! :)