Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Losing weight is NOT easy at 61!

Back in 2002 when I was 52, I decided to go on the Atkins program to lose weight for the Minnie Pauz Meltdown Cruise. I lost 55 lbs. in about 3 months and felt wonderful! I managed to keep the weight off for about 2 years and then gradually started bringing more carbs into my diet and by 2005 I had gained back about 30 lbs.

Then I quit smoking (on March 1, 2005) and decided it was too hard to try to watch my weight until I was a committed NON-smoker. Well...to make a long story short, the last 4 years have brought me to the point where I know if I don't do something now, I will never get it under control again.

I did manage to cut out sugar and bread for all of March, but I find myself slipping again and having things I shouldn't, because I lost about 2 lbs in the entire month! I have a machine that I use about 3 times a day to get my heart rate up, but what I really need to do is walk, walk, walk!

By the way....the woman in this cartoon is NOT MINNIE! hehehe.....it's one of her friends. No one, not even myself, have ever seen Minnie's face

Since I don't have the self-discipline to do it right, I've decided to sign up for a ZUMBA class. They actually have them for us older gals who may not have done anything strenuous for quite awhile! That's me!! I'm going to blame it on all of you because for 10 years I've been sitting at this computer working on the website and trying to get you all laughing!

The other thing I'm going to try is NutriSystem. Those ads on TV and seeing Marie Osmond looking SO good now has inspired me to give it another try! My son and DIL both lost weight on it and honestly, the pictures of the food (read "ice cream sandwich") has finally gotten to me! :)

If any of you have tried this or any other program, (my final effort will be Weight Watchers) let me know by posting. Everyone is different and I know it's my own fault for letting things slide the last 4 years, but as always, hearing about someone else close to my age who turned it around will inspire me!!

A few years ago I said I was going to be super healthy when I turned 60...hmmm, I'm not there yet! Ihave psoriasis, sleep apnea and psoriatic arthritis, plus I'm overweight and totally out of hormones so I have quite a challenge in front of me to be "the best me I can be"!! But, as I said, I'm not ready to give up. The women in my family live to their mid-nineties so I don't want to be sitting around for the next 30 years and not be able to enjoy it! Wish me luck and give me some encouragement!

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  1. You go girl! You can do it! That Zumba class sounds interesting, I'll have to check it out!
    (iluvtolaff--I'm never sure which identity is going to show on here.)