Saturday, April 25, 2009

Who comes after the babyboomers?

"Gen X is 1961-1981, so currently 28-48 year olds’s are Xers. Please for the love of god don’t lump them into the baby boomers!! 1941-1961, so 48-68 year olds, are more rightly defined by the BB term (using Strauss & Howe “Generations” methodology)."

I hardly ever hear anything from this group. LOL...guess the babyboomers have been making too much noise ( I wonder how many there are? This was a response to a post about "Menopause the Musical" and the person who wrote the review made a boo-boo when she lumped the Gen Xr's with the Boomers. I was pleased to see someone stand up for their group, but why be so angry? ("for the love of god"?) hahaha...well, I guess they don't want to be defined by the qualifications to be a boomer.

Even some of the boomers don't want to be recognized as such! That means someone might know they have a AARP card! Even worse, someone might see them using it! I've had mine for over 10 years and I've actually used it once. Got $10 off for a motel room one time. I actually never think of pulling it out or asking a merchant if they give a discount!

I kind of understand the Gen X person because I don't want to be called a SENIOR just yet! The official age is 65 and I'm only 61 (on Monday), so for the love of god don't lump ME in with THEM!

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  1. Haha!!! Ditto! I'm in no way ready to be a 'senior'!! At 58, I'm still middle-aged!
    ....because I say so!