Friday, May 22, 2009

Darn blackbirds!

I KNOW they're God's creatures too, just like the more ATTRACTIVE birds, but they're such bullies and gluttons and they eat me out of house and home! :( I even bought more expensive birdseed that doesn't have corn in it, which helped but there are still enough of them to drain the feeders. And I've noticed that the cardinals and other birds are staying away....grrrrr!!!

I've got 4 hummingbird feeders out there now since the Orioles like to feed off them too! Been taking lots of pictures but usually through the screen from my office so they don't turn out so great. I'll post some that did though.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and thanks so much to all those who gave their lives in service to our country!!

Take a look at my daughter's lilac bush!! And the lovely bouquet I brought home:


  1. I so-o-o much would love to have a lilac bush! Can't since I live in an upstairs apartment. :(
    This one is gorgeous!

  2. The thing to do is find someone who has one and ask if you can clip a couple of brances each day. :) Oh, they make the entire house smell wonderful!! Too bad they don't last but a few weeks.