Friday, June 27, 2008

Supplements, psoriasis and weightloss....

Don't know why I feel that I'm getting nothing accomplished lately, but man the weeks go by fast! I do need to mark this week on the calendar as when I started these new detox supplements sent to me by a doctor friend. She's convinced that she can help me improve my psoriasis. I'm afraid I'm kind of cynical about it and have the papers ready to apply for Humira's financial assistance program (because the shots are $1200 each 2x mo. and I have no insurance).

One thing I'm sure of though, Im bound to lose weight. Yippee!! I even bought healthy food today! Organic lettuce and milk, lots of fruit and fresh veggies too. I'm kind of rev'd up now!!

Let me know if you're interested in the combination of stuff I'm taking, ok?
She asked me to give it (the program) two weeks, but I'm not sure if I can hold out that long since the psoriasis seems to be spreading faster than usual. That may be the heat.

It's on both arms and the backs of my hands now, plus I see a few spots coming out on my palms. I certainly never expected this to affect me in my 50's! Never even knew anyone in my family that had it, but it must have been there somewhere.

I wanted to show you how the red rosebush turned out. I should have taken the picture a few days ago, but I forgot.

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