Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A rose is a rose....

But when they don't bloom, it might as well be a weed! I've had these two rose bushes for about 8 years and only one of them blooms. The one that doesn't bloom was given to me by a neighbor who moved and should look like this

but all I get are these tall healthy stalks with no flowers.

The bush that does bloom is red and it is pretty, but not the kind of roses I enjoy....here it is after blooming This might be called "Purple Simplicity", not sure. This bush is the same one in the picture above.

The leaves on the red bush kind of surround the other one. I might think that was the problem, but I have tried pruning both so they get plenty of sun and air through each plant. I've bought a rose book, trimmed them, pruned them, washed the plants with dishsoap to get rid of the bugs, given them rose food, and even put banana peels under the soil next to the plants. Oh well, guess I'd better enjoy what I've got and maybe some day I'll find a yellow rose blooming by my deck! :)

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