Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FDA is overstepping responsibility.

At least in my opinion! For them to come down on compounding pharmacies, when they've been doing what they do for hundreds of years, is ridiculous! Now women who are taking "bioidentical" hormones will have to worry if they will not be able to get their prescriptions filled. Where is the power of the FDA going to end?

I hate to actually get in the middle of this, but it's pretty clear that the FDA has buckled under the pressure of Wyeth and their power to cause this kind of scrutiny over something that has been used without incident for years and years. Of course that's what they (the FDA) did when they allowed Premarin to be used for 20 years and then we found out it was causing more trouble than it was helping. When Premarin was taken off the shelves, the breast cancer numbers were reduced dramatically.

Here's what I wish would happen. Wyeth needs to talk directly to women about what happened and what changes have been made. They need to show women that they DO care about their health and that Wyeth is creating products that will help many women in the coming years. (They really should hire someone like "Minnie Pauz" to help smooth the road ahead)

Anyway, here's the link to the FDA report and there's more here, including comments from some prominent people and an audio from the FDA. In the meantime, I'm using cartoons to express myself on the topic.

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