Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Don't squeeze the Charmin!!

Besides the clear message this cartoons sends about severe mood swings, I'd like your opinion on something else. Is it plain to see that 'Minnie' is in a grocery store? I drew this one several years ago and actually there was more detail (like a sign that says welcome to joe's market....or something like that). But when I needed to crop the size I cut out the sign and the cash register to the left.

Ok, second you think it's funny? Usually if you have to ask, it isn't. Or if you have to explain the joke, it isn't. Personally, I think it is pretty clever. hahahaha.....but no one likes to laugh at their own jokes alone! :)

We had a severe storm front move through Michigan last night....about 11 pm the lights went out and the temperature plummeted to 20 or something. The wind blew hard and it rained hard, but the most incredible sight was the lightening. Weird, it was green!

Anyway, I called and reported it to the electric company at 3am because I was afraid no one else on the street did and because I was getting a bit worried since the furnace would not come on without electricity and it was starting to get cold. It was all automated, even the thank you for reporting this outage and I finally fell asleep wondering if I was going to have to go to my daughter's house today. Then at 6am my fan came on! Oh yes, I still use a fan every single night.... I was thrilled!

I came to my office and started the computer....everything went fine, as you can see. Then I turned on the tv in my office and all I get is a blue screen. :( I have satellite so I unplugged everything, turned it on and off, switched boxes, switched cards and nothing but a blue screen. Frustrating because now I know I'll have to go through the process of speaking with someone from India named "Bubba" and just hope his level of English is understandable. Didn't want this crap today and when I go out later to the store, maybe I'd better stay away from the toilet paper aisle!

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