Thursday, January 10, 2013

A new year, a new life....

After my move from Michigan to Texas in November, I set my mind to getting settled into a totally new lifestyle....again! Did that 17 years ago when I moved from Missouri to Michigan and then watched as my family grew from 3 kids to 3 kids with 3 spouses and 6 grandkids.  Then my oldest son, moved to Texas with his family about 7 years ago and I visited about once a year, but felt that my 3 youngest grandkids were really missing out on having family around so I made the decision to move here and give them the benefit of visiting Grandma for a sleepover or having Grandma attend their plays at school or Cubscouts, etc.

So, as I said in my last blog, I decided to sell everything and move to Texas. I'm 1st on a waiting list for a one bedroom apartment that is only 10 min. from the kids' house, so for now I'm a live-in Grandma! :)

The first thing I had to do was get my computer set up so I could work on my website so my son made room in his office. Here's the view from the window behind his head. I call it my tower.

With Christmas looming right after I got here, there was shopping and wrapping and learning where everything was located. Plus I had to get Tx license plates and driver's license (actually not a bad photo this time!), so there was always a flurry of activity around here, but we made it through the Holidays and although I missed seeing the Michigan kids on Christmas, I was happy that I had made the decision to get here in time to spend Christmas with the younger ones.

I did end up with a bout of the flu after Christmas and I think that's another result of being around school age kids. :) Thank goodness my son and daughter-in-law were off work long enough for me to stay in bed and recover!

It's not easy to move in with a busy family after so many years of living alone, but for the time being the situation is working out for everyone. I'll be 65 in April and will be on Medicare, which is something else I have to adjust to. I guess my point is that our lives keep on changing and we have to keep on adjusting. Otherwise, we get in a rut and so far I can't remember a rut that I wanted to stay in, can you? 

I've checked into the Senior center here in Keller, but to be honest with you, I just don't feel like that is my cup of tea. They seem TOO senior or something. Maybe it's just that I'm not interested in the kind of activities they offer and the photos on the website seem to show much older people. I don't know, guess I'll keep looking to find some groups that match my interests.....dancing, fishing and birdwatching. :)

I'm feeling healthy again, going for my walks each day and getting back in the swing of things with my website, so I guess you could say I'm feeling normal, even though it's a new normal. What I'm working on now is deciding if I want to take some online classes for illustration. I want to do it but at this point I don't want to have huge student loans to pay back. I'm doing research to find some scholarships for people my age who want to go to college. Wish me luck!

Thanks for following my blog and for your comments and encouragement! I look forward to hearing from you! Dee


  1. Glad you're feeling good and have an optimistic outlook; that's so important!!

    Enjoy that beautiful family of yours!!

  2. Wow, packing up and moving all that way! You are a brave lady. I'm sure you'll settle in and find friends and activities that you enjoy soon!

  3. Hi Dee..

    Had a question about the Minniepauz site because I haven't dropped in over there in.. geez... maybe 2 years?

    From what I recall, there was a forum there where people were conversing back & forth, sharing tips, asking or answering questions, etc.

    Anyhoo. I stopped in there today & can't seem to find the link for logging onto the forum. :D <-- my embarrassed face

    When you get a chance, just curious where on the website you click to enter the forum now. Thanks much! sherry


  4. I've had so much trouble with hackers on the forum that I've almost shut it down completely, but if you can remember your password, etc., you can still get there at Not much new activity though.

    Are you on Facebook, Sherry? If so, you can go here:

  5. Thanks for the response Dee. What a bummer about hackers on that forum! :0( ...I tried to remember my username, but it's been so long since I was on there that I spaced out whatever it was that I used. That, plus I have a different laptop now and didn't do a good job of switching info over to the new one..

    Oh well. At least your blog is still here! :0)

    I don't do Facebook anymore. I did for a while, but it made me realize how wacko my relatives are! :-O I never got used to the way it's set up there either. Like every move you make, it sends out a message that you've changed something, etc. What's up with that?

    Anyway, I've bookmarked this and will stop in more often. Thank you for maintaining this awesome blog!! ~~~~ ♡♡♡ Sherry :0)

  6. Well You made it! I did sort of the same thing a few years ago and while it may take you a little bit to get your bearings (and you have done this before) I KNOW you will do just fine. It is also nice to have grand Kids to fuss over. In no time you will have your own place and it gets even better so that you can spoil them but still have your own quiet time.

    Also, don't let the hackers get you down (smile)

    Good luck!!!

    1. Thanks a bunch for the cheerful note, Cherrie! I appreciate it!

    2. Anonymous2:03 PM

      I just discovered your BLOG ~ a great mix of info and personal notes. Your comment about senior centers and their version of activities hit close to home as I thought it might be only me who had this reaction. While they are good for some people, I am not one of 'em. What I find in addition is the attitude of some of the people we encounter after we have an illness and the professionals categorize us because of our age and suggest we might like to join certain activity groups. I even had one suggest I might want to attend some Senior Day Care groups! Due to a year of unbelievable health issues, and not enough exercise, I spent nearly 3 months in a physical rehab facility where the activity offerings were - imo - demeaning. I could appreciate that what they offered "fit" with more of those in the facility than not, but what's up with the concept attached to a number that is an age which makes it challenging to break out on our own and find more fulfilling opportunities than what is offered? Great columns -

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