Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More "Before" and "After"

As painful as it is to show myself at my worst, I feel it is the best way to inspire some of you who might feel you are too old or too heavy to make changes. And as painful as it is to look at these before pictures of myself, it's not nearly as painful as it was to BE that heavy. It took an emotional toll as well and I replay those feelings as I look back and wonder how it got to that point, but it's also a lesson in "letting go" of a hurtful past.

This did not happen overnight, as those of you who have followed my progress well know, but I found ways to stay motivated on a day to day basis. The first step was to decide that I HAD to do something and then I told other people what I was going to do (basically I committed to walking to my Facebook friends!). I felt like I couldn't back down again and it was very encouraging to get the positive feedback each day when I finished my walk. So one day led to another and I started to feel that this time I was going to do it....and I did. You can too!! First figure out what is holding you back and then take YOUR first step forward!

Once you start losing, it's such a feeling of accomplishment! You know you're doing the right thing, that you're getting healthier and liking yourself better! I was never into exercising or walking, but when I had done it for 30 days, there was no turning back. Even when winter set in, I kept on walking every day all wrapped up like an eskimo! :) Just last week, after a month of freezing weather, deep snow and icy ground, I decided to do my walking at a gym on a treadmill. Not my favorite thing, but I was feeling guilty about not being able to do my mile (sometimes 2 miles) walk. It's something else I've had to force myself to do....warming up the car, driving into town, exercising (walking) in front of other people (lol), plus...I have motion sickness and it took me a couple of days to not feel nauseous from my "fake" walking! But I pushed through and do feel better that I'm keeping myself moving. I got some earplugs so I can watch tv while on the's that for motivation? hahahah....whatever works, that's what I always say!

So here I am back in June of I said, this is painful to show this (or even for me to look at it) and the worst part is this is 4 months AFTER I started walking and eating right! Whew! It's hard to imagine that I was even heavier. The next picture is of me today (January 2011) only 7 mo. later. 

So, again, my point is that it's never too late to make changes and if you reach out for help and inspiration, you will find many who are willing to offer a hand! Good luck and let me know if you need an extra little push! :)

I'm looking forward to Spring and being able to get back out on the Pollyann Trail and take more pictures of the beautiful sunrises like this one! I'd love to hear what gets YOU moving! What works best for you when you just can't get motivated?

I forgot to add that you can read more info about my low carb adventure here:


  1. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful sunrise. You look great!!

  3. You look wonderful! You can do anything you set your mind to, Dee!

    I've really enjoyed your photos on FB; thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks Eva, Vivian and Pam!! I really have to thank you all for the encouragement you've given me since I started on this journey last March. At first I had just hit the point of no return with my weight so I started walking and cutting back on carbs. Then in April I found out I have diabetes so I had even MORE motivation to do it right! I'll be 63 in April so I figured if I didn't do it then, I'd never do it. I'm SO glad I stuck to it! :)

  5. Hope your diabetes is one of the easily controlled variety. I heard that exercise and weight management are key to keeping the bad side effects at bay, so you're doing great!!

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    I just found your blog and totally agree - it's never too late. Keep up the great work!