Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Downside of Losing Weight

Well, this is it....I promised everyone more "before & after" pictures, so here goes. This blog will be evolving all day since I just got my newsletter out and I wasn't ready with all the stuff I wanted to write here. :) Blame it on menopause? hahahah...not sure I can still use that excuse.
It's taking a LOT of guts (parden the pun) for me to show ya'll some of these photos!! I guess I'm more vain than I thought I was. But for you to really appreciate the transformation I guess you have to see the good, the bad AND the UGLY! 

On top of everything, I can't make this blog look the way I want it to. hahahah...I'm just losing my touch, I guess. Oh well, I'm sure you'll get the point! 

In the photo below, I'm actually wearing the same blouse and although not exactly the same pants, it still shows the same "look". Sure look better in the 2010 version! :)

So, as the title of this post says....there IS a downside to losing 57 lbs., especially at my age when you haven't been keeping your muscles in shape, etc.  Actually there are several "downs". 

One of the first ones I experienced was spending money on a whole new wardrobe because nothing fit...and I mean from underwear to shoes! At first I was kind of happy and it was fun to finally buy new things and actually feel good about trying them on, but two weeks later my joy turned to disappointment when I could no longer wear the new clothes because they were too big! 

I finally started buying things that were a little tight because I was trusting that I was continuing to lose so that gave me a few more weeks of wearing clothes that looked good. Thank goodness Kohl's take stuff back with no questions asked, no matter how long it's been! Now I would never abuse that privilege, but it has really helped a couple of times (like when I was trying to find the right walking shoes!). I have walking shoes, boots and sandals that are all too big! I'm trying to wear heavy socks for now until I stop shrinking.

The second biggie is how much older I look without the fat to plump out my face! No WONDER I didn't have many wrinkles!! They were all stretched to the point of no return!!

Unfortunately, I have inherited some extra skin under my chin (thanks Grandma Carr) and even though it's not as fat as it was, it's still there!! 

I have found the solution though.......the Neck Perfect Machine!!! My neck muscles may be too far gone for this, but I would certainly give it a try before considering "gasp" surgery!!

So....that's two of the "downs" of losing weight. There are more, but I don't want to keep going on and on since I'm proud of myself for getting healthier and not thinking "it's too late". That's my message for all of you who have been following Minnie Pauz for many years, and yes, I'm finally ready to admit that she's more a part of me than I have let on. :)

I'm looking forward to your comments and for you to share your experiences. I really get uncomfortable when everything seems to be about me! LOL I know most of you know that my goal is to help and inspire other women to get through the tough things we deal with as we get older and I hope you've found something that starts a flicker of motivation to face whatever issues you are having trouble with.

All my best.... Dee


  1. I think you look fabulous! congrats. Now if only I could make some progress!

  2. Thank you, Eva!! What seems to be curtailing your progress?

  3. Aloha Dee! Great Job! I am sooo happy to see this post and to see you link here from your newsletter. I have to tell you just how much women struggle with this at this "stage" this hot stage if you will.
    I am a Food and Feeling Coach and Certified Nutritionist, working with women of all ages but the heavy feelings (and sometimes weight) women in menopause carry is incredible. This is of course a beautiful metaphor if we take the time to look.
    While I am just rounding the menopause corner myself (the other side)I also know it on a personal level.
    Bravo for sharing your journey :)Well done!!
    If I can ever be of assistance don't hesitate to ask.
    you can visit me at

  4. Thank you for your comments, Gina! I will definitely be visiting your site!

  5. Anonymous8:32 PM

    WOW! I think you've done great, are doing great and look GREAT! Your very encouraging to someone in my position......45, just had a full hyster. so Ima slap dab in the middle of old "minnie" the hot flashes are the ONLY major problem at the moment! But I am over over over weight...just started WW this past Sunday and this time is IT! I am gonna lose this weight and feel good again, I'll take the down sides to just be down below 200lbs again as I am now above 300! CONGRATS!!

  6. Cindy Lou...that's exactly the right attitude to have!! That's what I said too "this is it!"! I decided that the food was not going to be the important thing in my life anymore. Here I am, 18 years older than you, but we can definitely relate! I'm glad to see WW has modified their program too! Should be lots more fun! :) You go Girl!! Take photos of your progress...just for your own sake. You'll be glad you did!

  7. Dear Dee,
    Thank God I read your newsletter !!! I am 60 yrs. old, diabetic for 10 yrs., obese since I was 9 and struggling with compulsive overeating as well. I'm in OA, trying to work the steps and turn my life around. Reading your blog is such a help !
    Though I've lost some wt. on my own, I have at least 40 lbs. to go. I want to take myself seriously so that I will have a healthier, happier life.
    Thank you for sharing your journey towards a healthier lifestyle with me. I look forward to reading your blog and following your journey.
    YOU GO, GIRL !

  8. You are very welcome, Sheli, and I hope you are able to change your life around also. That was my whole point, to show other women that no matter how heavy or how old you are, it's never too late!

    Everyone has to find what works for them, but I'm totally sold on the lowcarb lifestyle and since that works great for us diabetics, it might be what helps you too. But no one thing is going to work alone...we've GOT to get our bodies moving every day. It helped me to commit to a daily walk on Facebook and then to take photos of my walks (and of my progress) and post them on FB.

    If there's anything I can do to help you "take yourself seriously", just let me know! Tell me what motivates, encouragement, a phone call? :) It sounds like you're very serious about getting healthier now and that is the key to success!! Congratulations!

  9. Wow! I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more. You look great-congratulations!

  10. Thanks, Darcie!! What topic interests you the most...menopause, weight loss or being middle aged? LOL Of course I have a few more that I haven't blogged about yet! :) So glad to have you join me here!

  11. You look marvelous! I lost 83 pounds but have gained at least 17 of it back...bad news is- I wasn't finished losing yet. Here we go again.

  12. I read something that said to look at it (the weight gain) as a rainy day in a week of sunny days! Hope you can find that same motivation that helped you lose the 83 lbs! What does it take for you? And thank you for the compliment! I'm kind of stuck on a 56 lb. loss, but I attribute that to the freezing weather, the holidays and whatever else I can think of! LOL

  13. Dee- you've done such a great job for yourself and your health. Totally sucks that there is a downside, but there is life for you. Still, your heart and lungs and legs and vital organs will love you so much more for doing this. Keep it up. The one thing that surprised me recently when I lost only 8 lbs was that my shoes became too big. Who would have guessed?

  14. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Save your money on that chin contraption. Even Dr Oz gave it a thumbs down.

  15. Yes, I saw that too, Karen....:) I just put it there as a joke.

  16. I am 60 and I needed to lose about 60lbs. Starting first of Aug I began a low cal diet. I have lost 25lbs. I am wondering because I never experience sever menopausal symptoms when most women do, I know fat stores estrogen. Is it possible I am having hot flashes now. I keep telling my husband its hot in the house, but the air ison.

  17. I am 60 and I needed to lose about 60lbs. Starting first of Aug I began a low cal diet. I have lost 25lbs. I am wondering because I never experience sever menopausal symptoms when most women do, I know fat stores estrogen. Is it possible I am having hot flashes now. I keep telling my husband its hot in the house, but the air ison.