Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A rustic scene on the trail where I walk....very peaceful!

I've been thinking lately about how we all find peace and quiet in different ways. I love getting up early in the morning because even though I live by myself, the sounds of the rest of the world interfere with my peace and quiet. The sound of traffic as neighbors leave for work or the neighbor who walks his dog very early (and the dog barks at his own shadow, I think!).

I honestly think I've become super-sensitive to noise as I've gotten older, yet sometimes I get wrapped up in my OWN noise and don't even realize it until all of a sudden I feel like screeching for everyone to "SHUT UP"!! Then I look around and see that I'm the only one here and I have the tv too loud, I'm listening to videos online, the clothes drying is buzzing because it's finished, someone is mowing their lawn and there's that damn dog barking again! LOL

So, the walks every morning for the past 5 months have given me a reliable escape! I go early so I get there before the traffic starts (on weekdays) and before the bikers, joggers and other walkers on the weekends. I feel like I own the trail when I'm the first one out there and I like to be the first one to see the wildlife who live in the area, like this doe and her young ones:

This does it for me. It renews my spirit for the day and even if I don't see the deer some days, the anticipation of it or the absolute KNOWING that I'm going to see a beautiful sunrise or an incredible cloud formation.

How do you find your peace and quiet? Are you able to transport yourself to a calm, beautiful place even when you can't actually GO somewhere? Can you get away from everyone else's noise garbage? 


  1. Beautiful photos! I usually am up before hubby, and I go into my office and close the door. It's heaven to have it so quiet!

  2. I would so-o-o-o love to have the opportunity to take lovely walks like these! Beautiful photos!

  3. It's so funny that you ask! I just finished the book, "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D ( She is a brain scientist that had a stroke. Amazing insight on how to channel your peaceful brain (right brain) and keep yourself calm whenever you need peace.(which for me is ALWAYS!!)
    Also, mornings have always done it for me as well, kinda starts the day right.

  4. I wear earplugs to bed, and that allows me to sleep undisturbed by the fridge noise, my hubby breathing, the house creaking, etc.

    And I shut myself in my office, turn on some peaceful airy fairy music (except when even music irritates me) and relax. Oh and driving in the car with no sound is heaven!

  5. I like to get up before everyone also. That time of day is so peaceful, no phones, TV or anything. All I hear is the quiet sound of the coffee pot.

  6. I can relate to this.
    I noticed a couple of years ago I began to crave alone time with stillness, silence and fresh air. Some sounds are actually calming - birds and distant trains are two that I like.
    I've been having a peaceful time taking an evening walk, just at dusk, with my dog for a couple of months now - I've been thinking I might add an early morning walk as well.