Monday, August 09, 2010

Dee's Morning Walks

This is one of the views I see on my morning walks and yes, it might inspire many of you to get out there and walk every day, but actually it's not the scene that does it for me, it's taking the pictures and sharing them on Facebook that is my motivation!

The past 5 months have been the start of a new phase of my life, still in the MIDDLE of course, but a healthier middle age. I can also report that one of the things that increases as we grow older is our hindsight and I'm determined to convince some of you younger gals to take my advice and don't wait until you're in your 60's to start taking better care of yourselves!! I don't care if you're 40, 50 or SOMETHING TODAY that will be a step towards better health. Let me know if you need some details on what I've done and I'll be happy to tell you! 

It's been quite a journey (that's not over yet) of losing weight, trying to find the right pair of shoes, finding out I have diabetes--another reason I'm encouraging you to do something now, losing more weight, taking pictures of myself to document my weightloss, but still feeling like a fat girl, but now I'm an OLD fat girl! LOL See my previous blog about not being cute anymore. By the way, once I've lost a total of 50 lbs. (13 more to go) I might show before and after pictures! :) No promises though!

Basically, I'm your Fairy of the Future and if you care to listen, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls of aging. It's MUCH easier to make a few changes now instead of waiting 5, 10 or 20 years when it will take a lot more effort to get the same result! 

Have you had your own "awakening"? What did it for you?


  1. Amen on making changes while you're young! I turn 66 in 11 days, and trying to lose weight is no picnic! 50 pounds you've lost! amazing! I have lost 20. Well, I had lost 28, but I back-slid! (I'm headed in the right direction now, though) It's a pain when you love all the things you shouldn't, like pizza, fried chicken, cheesecake and chocolate!

  2. Haven't lost 50 yet, Eva...37 so far. Congratulations on what you've done!! Glad to hear you're back on track. I know what you mean about all the stuff we're not supposed to have. You're right, it IS hard, but what I finally told myself is this..... it's not nearly as hard to NOT eat that stuff as it is to breathe, walk, tie my shoes when I'm overweight! And, as we both agree, it just gets harder the older we get. I'm 62 and I wish I would have gotten a grip on this when I was 50.

    If you're the type of person who can be satisfied with just a "taste" of something, then give yourself a tiny portion of the things you love as a reward once a week when you've lost a pound or two. But only buy one "reward" at a time and at the end of the week.

    I tried buying a watermelon and cutting it up so I could have a couple of pieces a day, but I found that I was taking a piece all day long and it was making my sugar go up, so I had to take it all over to my granddaughter. :( I'm doing good with having 1 piece of sugar free dark chocolate each day though! :)

    Happy Birthday in 11 days and keep up your good work!!

  3. Dee, that is such good news that you are taking action and the weight is coming off! I have put a lot of weight on over the last year and try as I may I just can't get it in gear to take it off. Reading up lifting letters such as yours helps.
    Are you doing a low fat or low carb type of eating with your diabetics? I'm soon to be 59 and I know I need to get this weight back off. I was thinking of maybe just leaving the whites and sugars alone and cutting back on portion sizes. I will be looking forward to seeing those 50lb. pictures in months to come!

  4. Hi Sue! I'm doing low carb all the way! If you can get through a week or more without eating any bread, potatoes or sugar, you will find that you're not craving them so much. Most of my carbs come from vegetables and salads, then I use nuts as a snack food. What really keeps me enjoying this way of eating is having chicken, fish, beef with my favorite vegetables (ummmm broccoli!) and even bacon or sausage in the morning with eggs. I got rid of everything in the house I wasn't supposed to have--I live alone so this is much easier to do--and I filled my fridge and cabinets with all the good stuff that I like. There's just no easy way to do it, but getting through the first month or so to the point where you start seeing results...that's what worked for me! You've probably found all this info, but here's a good low carb site: The walking is a major part of all this too!!!

  5. Thanks for the info and web site Dee.
    Here is a wonderful web site with great LC recipes.
    She has pictures of the recipes and rates them.

    Also, lowcarbfriends is a great web site.

  6. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Dee, you're doing a fantastic job and you're a role model for me. It's time that I get my butt in gear too.
    Keep it up!!!

  7. Thanks, Dedene!! I encourage you to DO IT NOW!! :)

  8. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I am finding that I have more resolve these days to work on improving my health. I get a lot of support and resources through - it's free and has been a great help to me. I've lost 17 pounds so far and feeling better already.