Monday, April 19, 2010

It's never too late to start walking!

I'm a little late blogging about my walking, but's never to late. :)I've been walking for 35 days now (the last 10 I've been walking 1 mile) and I'm definitely seeing the benefit. My legs are much stronger, my breathing is easier and I've lost 6 lbs. I would have lost more, but thought I could lose without changing my eating....nope, didn't work. I was staying the same, but not losing anything!

In an effort to keep from getting bored (since I don't have anyone to walk with me), I started taking pictures and posting them on Facebook each day. That helped in two ways, it made my walks more interesting and I was excited to show the pictures and get the instant feedback from FB. :) Here's one of my favorites. This was on my 30th day and I put the camera on the sidewalk, set the timer and ran back for the picture. lol It turned out pretty neat! I was sooooo happy to celebrate that accomplishment! (You can see many more if you go to my Facebook page)

Now that I've got this finally on my blog, I will TRY to post every day....well, maybe once a week, to document my progress. In the meantime, here's some info about walking that may be of interest to you! Please post if you have any tips for walking or losing weight. I'm really working on losing belly fat!!! It just appeared during this past year!!

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Walking for 45 minutes a few times a
week may help women in the "battle of the bulge" that often accompanies menopause, and at thesame time improve overall well being, hints new research from Canada.


  1. Good for you! I live near a park with a paved walking track that meanders through trees and gardens. A lovely place for a walk at any time of year, and it astonishes me just how many women (and a few men too)use this track every day.

  2. Sounds great, Penny! Are you saying that's where YOU walk? And thanks for commenting because I just noticed that I didn't put a link to my FB photos. :)

  3. A timely post for me, Dee! Since taking care of my Mom, I spend a LOT of time sitting and I've noticed I have bad circulation now and I stiffen up much more easily and get out of breath at the least little activity. So, I've been thinking about walking daily and get back to 'normal'. I'd have to do it alone but I need to just set my mind to it and GO! This post has encouraged me. Thank you!
    Barbara (iluvtolaff)