Thursday, February 28, 2008

Single women and car repairs.

These 4 words do not go together. No matter how knowledgeable you try to look and sound, they still know you are bluffing! It took me months to find WHERE to take my car for the leak problem....not an oil leak or gas leak, but water was getting in my car and soaking the carpet. Once the temp dropped below freezing I had to start wearing ice skates to, not really, but the floor was frozen! It was great when things warmed up a bit except then the horrific smell would fill the car!

Took the car to a auto collision place and this guy had the car for 10 days!!! Found several small leaks in different locations and finally found the main problem somewhere up front. One thing you don't want to see is your car with the seats out and the carpet and padding out. Very sad. :(

Final cost was $553, but he took off $100. But he also said I need a new waterpump...another $240!!! Lord when does it stop!!??

This was after a week when I also had to buy a new dryer and was waiting for my taxes to be done. I've already traded the dryer in for a nicer (more expensive one) since I bought too fast, but the good news of the month is that I only owe $150 on my taxes. That's great news of course, but that means I barely survived on last year's income! Oh well, this year is looking better, except any extra money I've made or saved is going to pay for the car and the new dryer!!

A great gift for the grandkids! I love to get them things they will use for years to come and these Bongo Bags are wonderful! Moms love them and so do the kids!


  1. I have a mechanic that keeps wanting to tell me all the details on what went wrong and why. I've told him time and time again, "I don't want to understand my car - I just want to drive it!"

    Your grandkids are adorable, and look so happy!

  2. Yeah!! I've got one of those too! :)

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. Hi I just came across your site & love it! I am new at this & my thoughts about how much to share etc, are very similar to yours back in 2006 when you began this blogsite. I have a myspace that is looked at by lots of friends but wanted a whole new place to reach out beyond my circle without worrying about how they will look at me when they see me next.
    For instance, I am surrounded by 20somethings in my job & daily life so I'm not gonna tell them that I actually fogged up my glasses during a hot flash one day last week!! ha! Don't want to freak them out ya know? Anyway, nice to read your fun words, thanks!
    Brenda, 53 & sweatin'!

  4. brenda susan....sorry it's taken me so long to respond to your post! I love the internet for all the ways it allows us to "escape" or "hide out" for awhile from our everyday life.

    It's really amazing how interesting we all are, isn't it? hahaha.....hope your hot flashes are not so hot these days!