Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Time alone is so valuable....

but you don't realize it until you haven't had any time alone for a long time. People (neighbors and family) "worry" when I don't come out of the house for a few days. They tell me it's "not healthy". Hmmmm......I think I'm actually healthier.

1. I'm not out getting contaminated by everyone who is sick, but still goes to the grocery store or the gas station, leaving their germs all over the shopping carts, the gas pump and the air.

2. I'm not having an anxiety attack like I do once out in traffic or crowded stores. It's not REAL bad, just enough to make me quit what I'm doing and go home.

3. I'm saving money.....especially when I don't have it. It's easier to do without (junkfood, etc) than to face going out in the traffic.

When my son was living here all of last year, I hardly ever had a full 24 hours to myself. Now that he's not here I still kind of feel like I'm not alone sometimes. hahahaha.....then I feel selfish if one or two of the grandkids want to spend the night. I kind of pout (to myself) about having to share the ice cream or mainly, the tv! :) But I fight the urge to say no and allow them to control the remote all night. I just keep telling myself, they'll be gone tomorrow and it's all MINE!!

Time alone can be lonely too, but not so much since computers have become such an integral part of my life. I actually can't think of a time when I've felt lonely for the last several years.

The thing that gets worse the longer I'm alone? Procrastination!! When I don't have anyone to answer to or anyone who sees how much time I actually spend on the computer or sleeping, oh boy, do I overdo both!!

What do they mean I don't get out? Look at me here!!

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  1. Very much agree with you Dee.
    I love my slower pace of life at home now...not feeling I HAVE to go out to be like others.
    Yes, my kids and husband worry about me (and my 77 year old mom who gets out every day), but I am ME not them, and at last I can do this after a busy working like and mothering of young children.