Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quit Smoking, ok?

Did you see the Oprah show yesterday? She had Dr. Oz talking about smoking, plus the whole audience was smokers and there's a plan on her site to help people quit. This should really help a lot of people because she can put the best info and reach the most people in one spot. I'm very pleased to announce that March 1 will be my 3rd year of not smoking!

Here's something interesting too....I have mentioned many times that smoking can bring on early menopause (mine at 41), so it's not news that all the chemicals in cigarettes can affect our hormones. That makes me think that quitting might make peri-menopause easier. There hasn't been any formal studies (that I know about) comparing peri with smokers vs with non-smokers. That could be very interesting.

Then I came across some information about how the FDA does nothing to regulate the tobacco industry. This is right after the latest report about the FDA saying that the hormone estriol is not approved by them for use in hormone replacement. This is ridiculous! Just another one of those crazy facts that rule our daily lives. I found the info on a site I support that is trying to keep our kids smoke free. I really think that getting involved with a group like this might help those of you who need a "bigger purpose" than just saving your own lives. I know, it sounds crazy, but while we're smokers, we ARE crazy!!

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