Sunday, January 06, 2008

OOps....missed a few days!

Or maybe it was just one? Actually, I didn't look to see the date of my last post. I've kind of been hoping to get some people stopping by from my message board since I changed my signature to show this blog....they could be coming here and reading but leaving without typing a message. If that's the case, then I must be pretty boring!

Oh well, I'm just getting up to speed after the holidays. Have to go to my daughter's tomorrow at 6 am so she can leave for work and then I get my granddaughter up at 7:30 to eat, get dressed and catch the schoolbus at 8:25. I've been sleeping in for over two weeks now so it's going to be rough to get used to getting up early again.

Been playing online all day instead of working on my newsletter, but I love this site: It's like a myspace for the over 50 crowd! Check it out and report back, ok? :)

My picture for today is one my daughter (same one as above) took while they were in Florida! Thought this would warm you up if you're in a cold climate!

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