Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ready to go "live"?

I still haven't had the nerve to tell anyone about this spot. Silly, I guess, especially after all the attention I've had about Minnie Pauz and menopause. I just feel like this is the closest I've gotten to being the real me and do I want to put the real me out there for all to see/judge/criticize? I'm not quite sure.....

I've been the "real me" on the message board, but somehow that's different. On there I don't have to post every day and conversations go on without my input. On here, I have to decide what each day will be about and then hope that someone will respond.

I'm getting closer though....I might even give the address to the ladies on the forum and ask which format they prefer. That's a good way to tiptoe into the spotlight although I'm still not sure if the conversations should be all about menopause or just about babyboomers in general. The confusion is overwhelming at the moment!

1 comment:

  1. Oh too, too hilarious. :) I can't wait to see this sleep shirt. Hope it comes out soon (or is it there already?) {{{Dee}}} for making me laugh....