Saturday, August 12, 2006

When your kids aren't kids anymore.

I just had a visit from one of my "kids"....he's in his mid 30's and still hasn't figured out how to make his life work. It is SO hard not to enable him and this visit was no different. He needed money, so I compromised (with myself)I gave him half of what he asked for and I told him I can't keep doing this, that I'm short on $$ myself. He says he'll pay me back, but I've come to know that he basically a "black hole" when it comes to money.

Tough, very tough to not help your kids, but I KNOW that little bit of money is not going to help. I hide the fact that I did it from everyone because I know I should have had the courage to say no.

This is a part of middle age I could do without. I've got my own parent problems....with my Mother and I don't want the same kind of relationship between me and my kids. But it doesn't help make my life easier to not be able to say how I feel.

This is not about "menopause", but definitely something our age group has to deal with. How do YOU do it?

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