Monday, August 05, 2013

The best shoes EVER and other favorite things!

For several months I have been having trouble with my feet because of a flare up of psoriatic arthritis, which causes not only very painful joints (of the toes), but also swelling. There's another element also and that is anything that touches the top of my feet is also very painful. I know, it makes you wonder how in the world a person could put anything on their feet, right? 

I was trying to deal with that same question until I found the perfect shoes! The only shoes I could wear up to this point were flipflops that had soft straps...nothing rough or rigid. Fortunately, I had several pairs of Wave Zone flipflops that I had purchased at Meijer's in Michigan, but they didn't give me the kind of support I needed. I was also considering these NorthFace flipflops, but I really needed more support and coverage.

So what are my perfect shoes (for now)? Skecher's GoWalk are so flexible and have the support I need, yet
so much easier to get on and off than my Nike walking shoes. Since I also have the arthritis in my fingers, I have trouble even tying the others. 
The GoWalk shoe is a slip on and so lightweight! They're also machine washable! I was excited about all the colors too, but unfortunately, the day I bought mine at JCPenny's, all they had was black. That's ok for now since they are saving me from a lot of pain! That makes it perfect for me!

As for another of my favorite things....that would be any Gloria Vanderbilt pants or jeans! OMG, I've never found anything with so many styles, so much comfort and wonderful fit! Whether it's jeans (in a variety of colors), capris or casual, lightweight pants, they fit better around this middle-aged bulge without the legs being so huge that two people could be wearing them! :) It was a joyous day when I got my first pair of button up, zip up jeans after YEARS of wearing only elastic waist pants! VG does make what are called "comfort waist" pants, as well as the "slimming" variety!

Here's the other good thing, you can find them online or at nearly every store you want! Kohl's, Bealls, Sears, etc. Just type in Gloria Vanderbilt pants into any search engine. The prices are great too!

As we get older, I'm finding that our needs change so much regarding our clothing and shoes, so I wanted to let you in on some of the great solutions I've found! Let me know if there's something you love and would like to share!


  1. I have a pair of the sketchers but they tie and I love love them.

  2. Hi Dee, I have enjoyed your website and blog for several years and want to take a moment to thank you for all of the humor, resources and information you provide! You always keep it real and its so nice to know that I am not alone in this journey of graceful ageing and life. I also find it a challenge finding shoes that fit and support and found Sketchers sandals to be very supportive and comfortable. I have both the REGGAE RASTA (black) and REGGAE KAYA (Pink).They are heaven on the feet and I can even wear them for my 1-3 mile daily walks! I'll have to check out the GoWalks for cooler weather (I'm in Florida...very warm!). Thanks again Dee!

  3. Just wandering around your site and saw this item on shoes. I bought a pair of these (blue) yesterday at Sears, on sale, and had some awards points of some sort, walked out with them for $16 including tax (in California)! Well worth the money. If the blue ones work out, I'll be ordering raspberry! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!