Monday, July 23, 2012

Middle-aged or Senior?

It's another hot one today and at this point, I'm glad I'm in Michigan instead of my home state of Missouri or any of the other states where this heat wave is causing all the crops to burn up! It's only supposed to reach 97° in my area today. I can definitely tell the difference in how the heat affects me these days....I don't tolerate it well at all. I literally start swelling up like a blowfish as soon as the temperature creeps up to about 80° and it's already 89° at 11:50 am. 

I walked at 7:00 am today to make sure I got it done before the sun started beating down. Also went to the store to make sure I had a bag of ice and some nuts to snack on. 

I remember when I never even thought of seeing what the forecast was going to be and now I do it every day! With the internet, I can see what the weather is like anywhere in the world! Isn't that exciting? All of a sudden, in my head, I hear the phrase "all old people talk about is the weather and their aches and pains"! Uh oh....this is 3 paragraphs long and all I've talked about is the temperature, and I haven't even started on my aches and pains! LOL! 

The worst part is going to be going out in the heat to watch my Grandson's baseball game this evening! His team is in first place and I thoroughly enjoy watching him play. He pitches and catches and can play any position on the field! I'll definitely be taking an umbrella to block the sun. Thank goodness things will be cooling off by the weekend when they will be playing the league tournament...that could mean at least 3 games!

So, to answer my own question in the title of this blog, I think it's happened! I think I've ever so slightly creeped out of the middle-aged category and into the....wait for, I can't say it! Ok, let's do it this way.... I'm a baby-boomer, right? How about we call this the "Boomier" years (pronounced like junior)?  Oh yeah, I like that!! What are your thoughts?


  1. I'm a boomer, so boomier years is fine with me! Hey, AARP labeled me a senior when they started sending literature on my 50th birthday! ;)

  2. I think the word "senior" got a bad rap when "senior discounts" didn't start until age 65. Plus that when Medicare starts. So I think we all sort of thought Senior = age 65 = OLD AGE PENSION

    But I watch the TV show "Suits" and they talk a lot about senior partners. I like the idea that we are the senior partners in life today :)

  3. I think I'm reaching the end of being Boomier, and headed into "Old Biddy!"