Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More sex helps with menopause symptoms?

January 9, 2010

More sex is good for your health, studies have shown.

Now, a soon-to-be-published article in the Journal of Sexual Medicine details the health benefits, CNN reports.

The greatest benefits came from having more intercourse, rather than other types of sexual activity, Scottish researcher Stuart Brody said he found after reviewing decades of research.

Among the health benefits linked to frequent sex: longer life, a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, less risk of breast cancer and prostate cancer, pain relief, a slimmer build and fewer symptoms of menopause.

Uhhhhhh.....we need to talk about this. With so many women suffering with lack of sexual desire, how do you come to terms with this issue?


  1. Really!! I haven't had ANY sexual desire in 12 years!!

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Mine comes and goes. It makes me wonder if my hormones are completely gone. But I do feel better when I do experience sexual desire. So does my husband!

  3. Anonymous7:03 PM

    I cannot figure out for the life of me why someone who so loves that particular up close and personal pleasure has zero candidates in sight? The ones I meet think just offering a romp in the sack is all a partner needs. I still like to have some form of romance. Last guy who seemed like a good prospect for a relationship was absolutely ugly when we actually got together and I walked out as quickly as possible.

    Are the good ones all taken? Or is my mother's voice still hampering things?

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    My husband is always telling me this! LOL But then any symptom's source is lack of sex, and any solution to any problem is sex LOL!! He is kidding--sort of. :-) We have spent way too much time apart--he is an Army pilot deployed many times. I hit the apex of this menopausal could care less about sex phase while he was on his last deployment. Kind of a shocker to come back to---but he's doing okay with it. :-) I do think the sex thing's just mind over matter. :-)

  5. I'm not sure about this one, since my husband was "fixed" and I'm running out of hormones It's difficult to get either of us interested at one and the same time.Oh dear!