Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandchildren with cellphones!!

Two of my grandkids spent the night last night (Bailey, 10 and Zach, 9) and I let them stay up until 2 am thinking they would sleep in late in the morning and I would have some peaceful time for coffee on the deck. Well.......not exactly what happened!

First, a little background. All the grandkids love to complain how I keep them awake at night with my snoring. I admit it, I KNOW that I snore, but they make it worse by waking me up saying, "Grandma, you're snoring!" I never feel like I get a good night's sleep when they are here.So this morning I wake up and they're sitting on the bed giggling. Bailey had FILMED ME WITH HER CELL PHONE!!

Not only could you hear me but there I was with my fat face (oh yes, she did a nice close-up!) kind of hanging over to the side....oh my, it's horrible. The snoring wasn't even that mouth wasn't even open like you would think.But here's the worst part, she's threatening to put it on youtube!!! LOL Of course, I would kill her if she actually did it and I've got to make sure my daughter doesn't get a friend to do it. I know neither of them would know how to do it.....whew!!!
Anyway, just be sure if you give the kids their own phone that it doesn't do videos!! (my daughter gave Bailey her old phone)
PS: At least I had my teeth in!!!!

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