Saturday, February 02, 2008

Wyeth needs a new approach...

Wyeth has a long history of getting the FDA to push their drugs through the approval process and keep other companies from being able to produce generic forms of the drugs.....I'm particularly talking about hormones. After reading this article by Tara Pope in the NY Times, I wrote:

We need alternatives. Why should having choices for our health needs be any different? I also agree that pharmacies should continue to be regulated by the states and should not be allowed to make unsubstantiated statements about compounded products.

I’ve been helping women find their CHOICES for 11 years by showing them both sides of the story. In fact, there have been many women who have been taking Premarin for years and years, my own mother for one, and she’s 77. For some women the synthetic hormones will be fine, but for others who no longer put all their faith in their doctors OR the FDA, they want a choice and the the compounded drugs are a choice.

I believe Wyeth must accept the fact that they only SHARE the pie now, not dominate the market. They also need to show women that they are trying to help, not just trying to make money. This means they need to talk more directly to the average, every day woman with language they can trust and believe in, not have someone like the gorgeous Cheryl Ladd trying to convince us. It’s not working, Wyeth!! Those ads are causing more resentment than confidence. Their PR people need to contact me for an entirely new approach that WILL work.


  1. I am a firm believer in choice, and in not believing unsubstantiated claims. There are times when what is good for one person is terrible for another - e.g. The different forms of The Pill - some can actually cause my Lupus to flare rather than help me!

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